Homeschooling a Resistant Child

Are you butting heads over and over? Are daily battles with academic resistance wearing you out? Find out what are the specific root causes of resistance (this booklet discusses eight). Armed with new, well-focused, concrete strategies, you’ll see progress again as early as tomorrow. For moms and other teachers.  Read the table of contents.  This is a 14-page PDF e-Book; also formatted for reading on a cell phone, tablet or Kindle Reader using your choice of .epub or .kpf.  Most of the content is also available as a downloadable MP4 video file from a live conference recording. 

A reader’s review:

Mrs. Webb of New Jersey wrote that this book is “Very thoughtful and informative. Renee Ellison has written another book that has blessed my homeschooling. In this booklet, she presents a large list of the possible causes of academic resistance, and then following that, she provides some great ideas about motivation.

I have one child who struggles greatly with ADHD, and oh! how I wished I had found this a year or two ago when we were in crisis mode, trying to determine what was neurological and what was rebellion. I think it would have really provided some insight for me then, but for now, it certainly has helped me examine myself and my students more objectively. I have another child who struggles with a lot of fear and dependence on me, as well as some issues focusing - though I do not think it’s worth a diagnosis as her brother has. I really think that using some of these ideas will help me for next year’s school plans, especially for those two of my kids for sure.

I would highly recommend visiting this author’s website for some of their other offerings that would complement this one nicely, but are not yet formatted for kindle. They are available as pdf downloads, and I really like how that information, especially the one on using charts to help your homeschooling, would complement this offering. Renee Ellison really seems passionate about helping people to be more successful, and I really have benefited from her work.

If you have a resistant child in your homeschool, this is worth your money to check out!”