Godly Son Checklist (e-Book)

Guys, put yourself through a crash course of Godly Man Boot Camp with this and our Item #71 (Young Men Preparing for Marriage).  Life skills to prepare for manhood.

A pre-marriage or graduation checklist for adolescent men.  Arranged in categories reflecting the godly man’s role as a priest, a provider, and a protector of his home.  Includes frequently overlooked skills and concepts—some that you could teach in less than an hour—saving your son years of hassle or sorrowful wrongheadedness.  Dad, you might even want to check yourself off on the same list.  Measurable skills and achievements. For junior high and high school boys.  This is a 16-page PDF e-Book, and is also formatted for reading on a cell phone, tablet or Kindle Reader (your choice of .epub or .kpf).  Read the table of contents.

This item is available as an eBook.  Or, order it formatted for your Kindle reader if you have one (see below).   Want to read it in print?  This is Chapter 4 of the book, Savvy Teens.

Have a Kindle reader from Amazon?  Order the Kindle version, which includes as a bonus these two additional Homeschool How-Tos items: John Wesley’s Daily Holiness Checklist and A Challenge for Graduating Seniors.