Motherhood Tips

Encouragement and practical inspirations for moms who never had a course in college about how to be a good mother and never read a book entitled How To Be a Perfect Mom. Motherhood has a steep learning curve. Tips help!

This is a 40-page booklet (or audio file). The purchaser has permission to make copies and disseminate this to anyone as long as it is at no charge and our contact information is included.

Table of Contents:

Parenting topics (pages 2-14):

Absolute surrender and lavish love
The authority of your word
Inconvenient vigilance
Training vs. tyranny
Stick figure eye-openers
Raise up a shield of expertise in your child
Can you love your child too much?
Semantic atmosphere
Managing the mental diet of your child
What do you DO with a child?

Marriage topics (pages 14-20):

A charge to keep
Your husband’s other-ness
No perfect spouse
Share emerging thinking
The highly flammable headship/submission topic
Quelling quarrels
A hard look at temptation
The grass is not greener
A recipe for happiness
Absentee husbands

Devotions topics (pages 20-23):

Non-negotiable time with Him
A solution
Sizzling dross
Private prayer
A different sort of people
Fleas on a hot griddle
Divine markings
Prayer moves celestial furniture
Holy children

Home management topics (pages 23-29):

The sure road to relief: Improve the way you do it all
Hands that work
Mayors of cities
Brave bold bulldozing to conquer each and every department of your home
Linen enhancement
Corralling domestic spaces
Upgrade later
Diffuse the huge

Kitchen topics (pages 29-34):

How to hand-wash dishes better
Coping with grease
How to make the best aprons and pie crusts
Spiff up your spices
Seven victory meals
Small canning jars for multi-purpose storage
Removing mold from grains
Diving into oranges
Triglyceride euphoria: coconut oil
Anti-oxidant chocolate gorp

Sewing topics (pages 34-39):

Fabric re-runs
Drapery for warmer rooms
Grow a progressive servant-hearted tailoring skill
Sewing machines (the good, the bad and the ugly)
Sew through your closet
Alteration: Lengthening with a flair
Sew higher
Priorities: Keep from spinning out of control
Attitude is everything

See also Renee’s audio CD of the parenting tips.