Survival planning for simpletons

It is wise and prudent to be prepared for any emergency, so we can be the ones to help rather than needing help ourselves. Here are hundreds of tips on how to prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically. Includes details for evaluating and selecting the best tent for a temporary shelter for your family, and the wood stove for inside your tent. Also includes plans for making a solar water distiller, a solar oven, and an odorless non-allergenic indoor/outdoor cook-stove—all, that you can build yourself without hammer and nails, simply by placing the easily acquired components together. Revised and expanded, to include thoughts on preparing for two different types of scenarios. One scenario requires you to have the necessary equipment so you can survive at home without help from the outside.. The other is scenario to prepare for, is what to do in the event that you have to make an exit from your current circumstances. For that scenario, you will need lightweight four-season camping equipment so that you and your family can survive somewhere outside the city for an extended time. This is an eBook for you to download, view and print out on your device; 44 pages. Read the table of contents.

Also, order these free downloadable eBooks: (1) How to Not Fear in the Coming Crisis and (2) pictures, drawings and rudimentary instructions for How to Build Yourself a Greenhouse -- and click here to read a blog post on intentional family camping.