Homeschooling a Gifted Child (e-Book)

Homeschooling a Gifted Child: Unique challenges and solutions

Do you have a gifted child? Over the centuries, gifted individuals are given to parents and teachers while they are yet children. Not all of them are full-blown geniuses in every area. But in one way or another, they evidence capacities that far outstrip the average. What we do with these children is important not just for them alone, but as we have seen, also for the contribution they will make to the whole of history.

We can augment the capacity of our gifted children by learning how to take practical steps in five areas that this book describes, along with actual exercises that work their imaginative and analytic thinking capacities, using the Humpty Dumpty intellectual stretch. This approach is infinitely superior to plodding through acquiring a longer list of facts than normal in a one-size-fits-all boring classroom to earn a meaningless grade. Also, learn how to recognize problem areas early and learn what to do to minimize those problems.

This is for teachers of students of all ages. 19 pages in a downloadable e-Book.  Includes the Humpty Dumpty Intellectual Stretch (the Kindle version also adds the Critical Thinking Skills).  Read the table of contents.

Want it in print? This is chapter 14 of our book on Launching Your Homeschool.  If you have a Kindle reader, get even more for your money by ordering the Kindle edition.