Child Training Tips Bundle

Save on these two best-selling QuickBooks, plus a 30-minute vintage movie in digital MP4 format. Includes Beyond Discipline: How to train your children, not just discipline them (50 pages; #19); Training Children Further (24 pages; #16); and Dynamite Discipline Strategies for Managing Any Group of Children (#95; video, in 5 digital MP4 segments).

Save time and receive these 3 items faster by choosing the all-electronic option.  You will be able to download the Training Children Further eBook once your order has been placed; we will send you the (larger files) Beyond Discipline eBook manually--along with the Dynamite Discipline Strategies video files as explained in the following paragraph.

Note: regardless of whether you order the 2 booklets in hard copy or as eBooks, we will send the video item in the form of five MP-4 files to your email address digitally via; Item #95). Click here to read more about it.