To teach your children the divinity of Yeshua, look for the divine

To teach your children the divinity of Yeshua, look for the divine

Renee EllisonDec 20, '23

 To teach your children the divinity of Yeshua, look for the divine!  Show them the supernatural in the narrative.

 As the world burns and murders toward collapse, one thing one Person) is stable: Yeshua.  His English/Western-imposed name Jesus, however dear to our memory, is greatly lacking in the depth of meaning and accuracy of the original given name.  He is literally Salvation, the eternal God.

Here are a few staggeringly supernatural verses to prove it – written centuries  before they transpired.  This is other-worldly stuff.

  • Psalm 22:16: They pierced My hands and My feet.

Jewish sources said this would be a mark of the supernatural GOD-Messiah)  – How could they know how the Messiah would END his earthly life? – AND PEN IT!?!  Logically they were looking for a military king – how then did they write he would be crucified in seeming defeat?   – if not a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit?

  • Psalm 22:18: They divided My clothes among them and cast lots for My garment

3 staggering prophetic details must coalesce here that must agree:

  1.  This requires a group  (among them)  assembled  – not one lone man at the foot of the cross
  2.  This requires "lots" being cast (who said they needed to bring them?)
  3.  "For My garment" (only one robe that was seamless – how could the TYPE of clothing be known ahead of time)

Without knowing it, the men at the foot of the cross accomplished all three.

  • Zechariah 9:9:  See your king comes to you – lowly and riding on a donkey...on a colt, the foal of a donkey.

Not only on a donkey – how unlikely – had a KING EVER ridden in on a donkey in all of history?  Not just on a donkey, but on the foal, the colt of a donkey.  How unlikely – how could a colt bear a grown man's weight?  Has that ever been tried before or since by a grown man? children, yes, but men? was there a message here?   That the Lord supports the unsupportable if that is carrying His glory?

Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!  Be HIS!  We must be sure that we lean our ladder upon the right wall in these days.  Lean it on Him and His word, and His ways.

Listen to us sing The Kind Redeemer: A sweet little old folk tune – easy on piano.  Renee wrote these words for it--the Gospel in a nutshell.

The kind Redeemer lives, never to die.
Chose thee to own His way
He’ll make thee whole today
Your sins he'll wash away.
Love Him on high.

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