Eating—or not: Herbert Shelton: Fasting can save your life

Eating—or not: Herbert Shelton: Fasting can save your life

Renee EllisonDec 31, '23


Quotes from Herbert Shelton's classic book:

  • Fasting AND a whole foods plant-based diet (fruits and veggies) will lead to a healthy life.
  • In fasting, tissues are called upon (eaten up) in an inverse order of their importance to the organism.
  • The fasting body DOES lose weight, but this loss is one of reserves and not organized tissue.
  • The process of fasting does not suspend the constructive processes of life.  These continue in a remarkable manner.
  • There is a loss of muscle strength, but not of muscle cells.
  • The more closely the faster can approach the prenatal state of inactivity while fasting, the more rapidly will be his progress.
  • I am forced to declare without fear of successful contradiction that fasting is the only reliable, specific, therapeutic eliminant known to man.
  • In fasting a physiological house-cleaning takes place.
  • The nutrient stringency created by the fast causes the body to break down by autolysis all superfluous tissues and stored toxins are released into the circulation.  Waste and toxins are stored in the fatty and connective tissues, as these tissues are liquidated the stored toxins are released.  Odd as it may seem, a reduction of food intake increases elimination.  Benign tumors are completely broken down and absorbed.
  • The biggest danger in our culture, is not that a patient will be starved, but that he will be stuffed to death with too much food.
  •  Some who are thin try to gain weight and lose more.  The overfed organism is often undernourished to a degree the reveals itself in rapid emaciation.  Food and nutrition are not synonymous.  Because fasting results in a rejuvenation of assimilation, it commonly enables chronically underweight patients to gain weight where everything else fails.
  •  The lack of weight is most often due to failure to digest and assimilate the food they eat.  Organic impairments are responsible for the crippled states of their nutrition.  Put the thin person on at least 60% green leafy veggies after the fast.
  •  Fasting results in an intense nitrogen hunger and at the same time, a greatly increased capacity to utilize nitrogen.
  •  Anabolic (NOT catabolic) activity is accelerated by a fast.
  •  A lifetime of toxins sometimes cannot be corrected in one fast, but two or three fasts spaced out will be required to give enough time for sufficient dumping of those toxins.
  •  Anemia.  A fast of two weeks without anything at all but water, will improve a condition of anemia by increasing the blood-corpuscles sometimes by 500, 000 in that length of time.  There is poisoning of the digestive track in all these cases, and it seems most likely that this befoulment of the blood with sepsis from this source is the cause of failure of the blood-making organs.
  •  The fasting will do no good if it isn't followed with a greatly altered diet for the better.
  •  One may hasten the termination of a cold by fasting.  Simply stop eating (as opposed to insisting upon eating mother's chicken soup, via "concerned" relatives.)
  •  Inflammation of the colon is known as colitis.  One will be conscious of abdominal distress, constipation, gas, bloating, ropey elimination.  The colitis sufferer becomes distressed and anxious.  Many so-called neurotics are made so by long standing colitis. They are often irritable or excitable.  They appear anemic, they are thin and undernourished.  The drug war that is supposed to kill the amoeba or parasites more often kills the patient.  Eating prevents the bowl from healing and keeps alive the disease process.  To remove a colon via surgery certainly does not remove the cause. It seems to be an open confession of failure.”

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