A no-other-woman commitment: A man's "aha" moment!

A no-other-woman commitment: A man's "aha" moment!

Renee EllisonFeb 11, '24

From Zig Zigglar's book, See You at the Top


"Many years ago I had a friend who was constantly in hot water because of his extramarital affairs. He appeared to be a happy man about town, but in reality he was anything but happy.  Our paths separated for several years and the next time we met, I saw a different man.  He was happier, more relaxed, and considerably more successful.  So, I asked the obvious question, `What happened?'

"Enthusiastically he told me about finding a beautiful, but lonely and misunderstood little housewife who was married to a heel.  He explained that he had moved in and was avidly courting her and that things had never been better.  After a pause, he clarified, `That woman was my WIFE of 15 years!'

"`You know, Zig,' he said: `I discovered that if I was a thoughtful and considerate of my wife, that if I courted her as carefully, said and did as many nice things for her as I did the "other" girls, that I had both pleasure and happiness right at home.  I found out that the greatest thing in the world is to have someone exclusively your own!'"

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