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Well Water Filter Pack for SpringHouse

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Well Water Filter Pack for SpringHouse

The SpringHouse (formerly Eco-Quest, now defunct) whole-home water treatment system uses 5 cartridges plus a bag of sequestering crystals (optional) in six 20” x 4-1/2” Big Blue® filter housings, plus a UV light, to provide a 7-stage combination of filtration and UV treatment to improve taste, reduce odor, and reduce unwanted pollutants from your family’s water supply. This picture shows the KDF filter before (white) and after (black) 14 months of use. This process duplicates nature to provide abundant, healthy, great-tasting water at every water tap in your home. The Spring House was designed to supply up to 12 GPM of high-quality water. We recommend replacing these cartridges and crystals (if you decide to use the crystals; we prefer not to, due to their unstable chemical composition) every 12 months (more often if the use is for more than several people, or if your well water is of poor quality). The filters described here are for a system that is using well water; not municipal water.

To print this out as a FREE 7-page PDF, including tips for installation, click here.

This page is only for your information; we no longer sell these replacement filter parts. Due to changes in suppliers, SpringHouse owners now purchase their replacement filters in a different way…but the reduction in cost should be an improvement for you…as the shipping fees are lower! Because of the business takeovers that followed the demise of Ecoquest, the replacement filters, UV bulb and polycrystals now have to be purchased from two totally different companies from the one which originally designed the whole house SpringHouse Water system. These replacement orders are now purchased directly by the customer. You do not make your replacement orders directly through us anymore.

You may want to consider only ordering the filters, and omitting the polycrystals canister and placing another canister filter in it instead. Some who have done that, perceive a better taste to the water that way. Yes, that probably means the water isn’t acting as soft as if it went through the crystals—it’s a trade-off, for each user to decide. Also, you may want to tailor the specific needs of your water, when selecting which filter cartridges to purchase. An alternative to the loose crystals is a cartridge of the resin beads, such as the Pentek WS-20BB Water Softening Resin Filter 155321. For an explanation of how ionization treats “hard” water (water that has calcium and magnesium dissolved in it), read this pdf on “Ion Exchange for Dummies.” The resin media is exhausted after just several months of use, at most; at that point that beads or filter must be replaced if you still want to treat the “hard” water.

Here is the necessary information that you might want to print out and place on top of your unit for ready access to refer to every time you need to order replacements. You may be able to obtain the UV bulb (if needed) and Poly-Crystals (if you choose to use them) from or phone 1-800-486-4994.

All of the filters are available from (free shipping on orders above $75) and/or other sources as follows: The size for all of them is 20” x 4-1/2” (actually 4 5/8”). Thrifty tip: sign up for the 12-month auto-ship, which saves you 5% on each order, including your first one. You can always cancel or change your auto-ship as the yearly renewal is nearing, and this also will be a useful reminder that the filters need to be replaced.

~~~~NOTE: we cannot be held responsible for any selections you make, based on this information. Check carefully yourself to be sure that you have ordered the correct filter~~~~

Sediment filter for Canister #1: Watts 5 micron pleated 20” Big Blue Water Filter, part WPC5FF20, OR Watts Flow-Pro 5 micron 20” melt-blown polypropylene Big Blue Sediment Filter, part FPMB-BB5-20 (this is the exact same dual-gradient particulate filter, EcoQuest part 70940, that was specified for the SpringHouse unit) [Possible thought: use one of these 2 filters in Canister 6 in place of the polyphosphate anti-scalant sequestering crystals—or use it in Canister #2 as a double filtration device and move the following filters up one cartridge.]

Iron filter for Canister #2: 10 micron MAZ filter, EcoQuest part 70237. We have not been able to find an exact match of this filter. Is this comparable? Pentek Radial Flow Iron Reduction Filter, Model RFFE20-BB, part 155263. Another, more expensive, option is Home Master Cfrffe-20BB Radial Flow Iron Reducing Replacement Water Filter, White; “Radial Flow design provides excellent iron and manganese filtration.” $125 at as of 3/16/2014.

KDF carbon block for Canister #3: Watts C-MAX Carbon Block 20” Big Blue Filter, Model MAXETW-FF20, 5 microns, Model MAXETW-FF20, $86 + $13 shipping from—this is the very same as EcoQuest part 70238 that was specified for the SpringHouse unit (the comparison of the two sources shows that seems to have the best prices on these filters).

Granulated Activated Carbon filter for Canister #5: Intelifil 10 Micron 20” Big Blue KDF / GAC Filter, part IF-SM-KDF020B, $85 (the same as the KDF55 granulated activated carbon block 5 micron filter cartridge, Model IF-SM-KDF020B, EcoQuest part 70793, that was specified for the SpringHouse unit) (note: this filter is specifically used for the filtration of well water).

Particulate filter for Canister #7: Watts 1 micron pleated 20” Big Blue Water Filter, part WPC1FF20 OR BB Flow-Max Pleated 1 micron Absolute Cyst Filter, part FM-BB-20-1A, $46 from as of 3/16/2014 (this one is the exact same model, EcoQuest part 70241, that was specified for the SpringHouse unit, but the Watts model is half the price and claims to be more effective).

The filter parts are described in more detail as follows. Descriptions of the functions of the filters all refer to the filter models that were specified for use in the SpringHouse.

  • for Canister #1: 5 micron Flow-Pro melt blown dual-gradient particulate filter cartridge. (Passive filtration.) This filter, which was tested and verified by an independent laboratory and is NSF certified for ANSI Standard 42, prepares water for downstream devices by reducing large sediment, sand, and various particles. This filter may be reusable, depending on the conditions of your well water.

  • for Canister #2: MAZ manganese treated sodium aluminosilicate filter cartridge. (Oxidation with passive filtration.) Designed to remove extremely high levels of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulphide. Removes particles and materials down to 10 microns in size. Made in China. This cartridge must be replaced after approximately 1 year.

  • for Canister #3: KDF extruded carbon block filter cartridge. (Oxidation, ionization through oxidation reduction potential/ORP.) Dissimilar metals (high purity copper and zinc) in this filter cause changes in a multitude of chemicals such as chlorine, arsenic, cobalt, antimony, copper, mercury, asbestos, cadmium, chloroform, chromium, hydrogen sulphide, lead, lindane, malathion and other pesticides, silver, tricholorethane, and many others. It also kills microorganisms and bacteria such as coliform and salmonella by creating hydroxyl radicals and interfering with electron transport mechanisms. KDF technology also changes the physical shape of hardness-causing minerals, changing the shape from crystals to rods, which reduces the formation and accumulation of scale in pipes and on metallic surfaces, This cartridge has a thick wall for long life and greater taste and odor reduction. Solid block activated carbon for long life. Reduces sediment and rust particles. 5 micron nominal filtration. Made in the U.S.A. The expected longevity of this KDF filter is well over one year.

  • for Stage #4: Alpine UV System. (High-intensity ultraviolet light.) Over 30,000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter of disinfecting ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms such as e-coli, legionella, shigella dysenteriae, cholerae, yersinia enterocolitica, salmonella, polio virus type 1, hepatitis A virus, saccharomyces cerevisae, roto virus, etc. Operates on 110 Vac outlet and has opaque light verification port installed. UV bulb operates full time; SpringHouse manufacturer recommended replacing it annually. [Order this separately; it is not one of the filters in this filter replacement kit.]

  • for Canister #5: KDF55 granular activated carbon media filter cartridge. (Adsorption and passive filtration.) Designed to remove chlorine and chlorine by-products, and also VOC’s, chemicals, MTBE, and substances that affect taste and odor. This is the cartridge that is shown in the picture on this page; the black one had been in place for about 14 months; it once was white like the new one shown. 10 micron nominal rating. Assembled in the U.S.A. Under average conditions of use and water quality, this filter should be replaced annually.

  • for Canister #6: sequestering agent. (Anti-scalent.) 5-pound bag of polyphosphate crystals slowly dissolve in the effluent water and envelope the major components that cause scale buildup in pipes, coffee machines, shower partitions, fixtures, tile walls, etc., by causing the water to feel soft [though its actual hardness may actually be unchanged] and reducing deposition on materials. Hair and skin may feel cleaner when this sequestering agent is added to the process (some choose to leave it out). The manufacturer recommended replenishing these crystals every 6 months.

  • for Canister #7: 1 micron Flow-Max (absolute) particulate filter cartridge. (Passive filtration.) This is a premium filter cartridge with pleated design for high flow and long life. Removes sediment, rust, scale and particulate for greater water clarity. Independent tests show that this filter media meets or exceeds the 99.9% efficiency requirement established by the Water Quality Association for absolute micron rating. Ideal filter cartridge to reduce cryptosporidium, giardia and parasitic cysts, as well as amoeba and extremely small particles from water. Made in U.S.A. This cartridge may be washable and reusable; the manufacturer’s recommendation is to replace it annually.

    This is the hyperlinked summary of an order for the above-described 6 cartridge filters (quantity, 1 of each; all are for the 20” Big Blue K cartridge) from as of August 2016 (check out the 5%-off AutoShip discount):

    Stock #............Mfr.-Description…...................................................Cost…..........For Canister #
    WPC5FF20.......Watts 5 Micron Pleated 20” x 4.5” Water Filter…...............$18.99…1

    RFFE20-BB .......Radial Flow Iron Reduction Filter,155263…....................$75.95…2

    MAXETW-FF20..Watts C-MAX Carbon Block 20” Large Filter…...................69.99. ..3

    IF-SM-KDF020B..Watts Intelifil 10 Micron 20” x 4.5” KDF / Granulated Activated Carbon Filter…..119.00…5 [this one is worth looking up on Amazon to see if there is one for sale for less there—because FiltersFast will do a price match; in 2/2014 there was a similar filter on Amazon for $88.99 and FiltersFast eventually matched that price after a phone call]

    FPMB-BB5-20.....Flow-Pro Melt Blown 10 Micron Filter…..............................16.99…6

    WPC1FF20.........Watts Flow-Max 1 Micron Pleated 20 x 4.5 Inch Water Filter….........22.99…7

    Shipping from FiltersFast is free on all orders of more than $75.00
    Total Cost of Filter Pack: about $325

    For a diagram and further details about the SpringHouse whole house water filter system, see

    Please contact us if this was helpful to you, or to send comments to help others in replacing their SpringHouse whole house water system filters,


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