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Turbo-Charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids (Kindle version)

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Turbo-Charged Nutrition for Peak Performance Kids (Kindle version)

You can take your family away from the Standard American Diet and can feed them food that they love, and that their bodies love. This book tells you why it is essential to get off the S.A.D., and has 80 recipes to get you moving into the paradigm switch of eating for how good you will feel. Those recipes are a bonus for this Kindle book: all of Renee’s recipes book, with all of its added encouragement for eating better,

Children who are fed junk have brain fog, lazy energy, and wild blood sugar swings, and struggle with obesity. It is time to depart from the herd and give your family a different fuel. Find in this book, at last, a short, to-the-point, succinct collection of nuggets of nutritional know-how that will change your family’s energy dramatically. Become nutritionally wise while saving time acquiring that info. With a little more knowledge you can even exchange good food choices for great food choices.

How would your car perform with ice cream in its gas tank? Give your children the best fuel possible. With this nutrition your family will feel healthier and happier than the vast majority of Americans do. Readers have commented that at long last they know how to change and are actually doing it, because it is so simply taught in this book.

Read the table of contents.

This is the Kindle version—formatted for reading on your Kindle. Kindle file size: 1.04 MB. Approximately 80 letter-size pages. You will pay no shipping for this item. Once you have purchased it and downloaded the file to your computer, email it to your dedicated Kindle email address. If you don’t know what that is, go into your Kindle managing account on to ascertain your Kindle email address.

The 80 recipes include:
Mexican Fiesta Smoothie
Scrumptious Raw Oatmeal
Eggless French Toast
Garbanzo Pancakes
Yummy Malt
Butternut Squash Soup
Blissful Blended Mandarin Salad
Better Than Apple Pie
Fresh Garden Pizza
Hearty Seed-Nut Loaf (meat loaf substitute)
Prune Fudge
Tofu Lime Pie
One-Minute Pumpkin Pudding
Fabulous Flaxseed Brownies

This item is also available in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an e-book, and is also available as a printed booklet that we mail to you.

Price: $2.99

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