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Meditations on Doré’s Biblical Artwork Masterpieces (e-book) Meditations on Doré’s Biblical Artwork Masterpieces (e-book): Mom, here is a pair of books to fuel your own devotions. Buy the book of 219 pictures. . . more >>

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Ethel Barrett CD #2 of Stories for Children: Stop in your tracks! Bible stories Ethel Barrett CD #2 of Stories for Children: Stop in your tracks! Bible stories: Memorably told stories to build the faith of young children. Enjoy listening to the telling of these. . . more >>

Teachers’ Secrets and Motherhood Savvy for Homeschoolers

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Teachers’ Secrets and Motherhood Savvy for Homeschoolers

SPECIAL SALE—ORDER NOW! Most moms never had a course in college about how to teach or how to be a great mom or how to homeschool. Motherhood and homeschooling come with a steep learning curve. Tips help! Grab these ideas and you’ll exchange domestic floundering for longed-for capability.

This 236-page book is a lifeline for busy moms. It contains scores of terrific ideas that will improve everything you do in the home. Most women get trained for all jobs they undertake in life, except for motherhood and managing a home. In these two endeavors, pinch-hitting rules the day. Get this book and it will put a major dent in that deficiency.

Knock the stomach right out of your incapabilities. Understanding what to do, and how to do it, is 99% of the task. You can’t afford not to get this book. Stay sane. Buy the book.


Part 1:

The Power of a Focused Mother

You can pick out the children of a focused mother across a crowded room. It shows. In this section you’ll learn how to become one of those focused moms, with outstanding results.

Part 2:

How to Train Your Children, Not Just Discipline Them

You must have your children’s attention and be able to command their wills before you can ever teach them anything. Here you’ll learn how to achieve that firmly and swiftly, to the relief of both parent and child.

Part 3:

12+ Ways to Trigger the Brain—with any sub­ject matter

Learn how to wield more than a dozen well-aimed brain tools at a moment’s notice, to produce academically sharp children.

Part 4:

Top-Notch Home Management Strategies

Scores of techniques to make getting through your school day and home-life easier, more productive, and happier. Tips to vault you over glitches, snags, disorder and head knockers. Tips that every woman wishes her mother and a whole string of great-grandmothers had passed on to her—but most didn’t. You’ll learn how to vaporize that overwhelmed feeling. With these tips you’ll run your home with confidence, because you’ll be capable.

ISBN: 0974945587 236 pages, illustrated, softcover. Read the table of contents. Also available in Kindle-ready format!

Read the Index here.

Customer comments:
Andrea DeyArmin wrote: “Since we’ve been collecting MANY homeschooling resources over these last few years, my husband and I decided that we would each allow ourselves only ONE book each from the vendor hall at this last conference. After hearing Renee’s engaging and practical sessions, I purchased the last copy of this book as my one book. And I’m SO glad I did! It’s packed full of great ideas that are grounded in Biblical principles. It gives me knowledge I can use without feeling overwhelmed by what I haven’t done already. Thank you, Renee! Only a few days after reading it, my husband observed how much I had accomplished in just a few days. I proudly proclaimed, ‘THAT’S the power of a focused mother!’ God bless you as you continue to encourage us mothers!”

Mrs. E. Angerman wrote, “Absolutely recommend—so insightful & inspiring! I am amazed at all the helpful tips you provide in this book. It was an answer to prayer for me. As a homeschool mom, I am always looking for inspiration and guidance on teaching, discipline, managing the home, and being the best wife and mom I can be. Your Biblical advice on how to be a focused mom and set the proper tone in the home were the encouraging words I needed to hear. Your tools/discipline techniques have already helped us be more consistent and our children more obedient. The teaching tips and ideas for triggering the brain in simple easy ways make learning fun and productive. The tips on keeping your home organized, clean, and cozy were very helpful. I will continue to reference your tips & share/suggest your book to others. I also love the additional tips and tools from your website and hoping to get your piano and typing lessons too. I highly recommend this book. Best money I have spent!”

A. H. wrote, “This is a book I keep nearby in very handy places - including the bathroom! - for a quick pick-me-up during my day. It is CHOCK FULL of nuggets of wisdom, advice, encouragement and ideas. Mrs. Ellison raises the bar for homeschooling moms and shows you how to get there! I would encourage anyone to get as many of her materials as possible. She is truly an inspiration to me. smile

C. J. called this book “Life changing” and wrote, “I have already finished reading Teacher’s Secrets & Motherhood Savvy after getting it in the mail yesterday…life changing. I can’t begin to tell you the depths of my despair with homeschooling and motherhood…just looking for answers as to how to make it all work. I am so grateful to have “stumbled” upon it! Thank you for sharing such insight! I really needed it.”

Miriam in California called this Absolutely the Best Book I have ever read on these two subjects! She wrote, “Your book was unbelievable. I literally told 900 plus people to buy the book. I have read tons of discipline, parenting and homeschool books over the years but this book just really spoke to me like no other. It has so many practical ideas. After reading just the first chapter, I put some of her ideas to work and saw results immediately. I was having trouble bonding with my middle child and just doing a few things she suggested made a huge difference. Not only has he warmed up to me but he started being a wonderful big brother, just to earn my praise! There is so much wisdom in this book, you want to read the book over and over again with a great big highlighter! These are the ideas that I wish an older lady told me. So many young mothers could really be helped by her advice. (I am not that young, 38. It’s good for all ages). This is defiitely a book you won’t regret buying and once you open it, you can’t put it down. It’s a great investment! It’s really worth a lot more than she is asking.”

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Sale Price: $9.95

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