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Teach Math Faster

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Teach Math Faster

Want to remove exasperating moments from the way your youngster learns basic math? Because math is so exacting—no room for slip-ups—it can become a conceptual jungle if those first steps are not taught and mastered well. Even if your child eventually understands the math, if it required him to be a Philadelphia lawyer to learn those skills along the way, it probably made him dislike math. Conversely, if you can teach math easily, breezily, your child’s resistance will melt away.

Here you’ll be taught quickly how your child can have a far faster, more solid basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division foundation with just a few simple “aha” tools. The more math your child understands conceptually, via these eye-opening tools, the fewer “drill and kill” problems he’ll have to do. The lights will be on, the child will be mentally home, and math will be happening, happily!

What you’ll be learn here is so simple you can make these teaching aids yourself, and have the advantage of using them by nightfall—all for mere pennies. No more counting on one’s fingers, no more foggy multiplication facts, no more screw-ups in division steps. You’ll wish you had these home-made tools yesterday—and we just bet you’ll never be without them again during those beginning heretofore miserable math start-ups. Order this now and victory is sure!

Includes card stock pages of Picture Math Flashcards—an easy way to learn to multiply quickly.

For 3rd through 6th grades. 20 pages. Read the table of contents.

Save on shipping, and read this sooner! This item is also available in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an e-book. A related item is the Kindle-formatted book, Teach Math Faster.

Price: $3.50

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