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One of Each Deal

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One of Each Deal

Homeschool How-To’s One-of-Everything Special Deal! Buy one of every publication by Renee Ellison. Save over $50 off of our already low prices.

If you were to buy all of our printed articles/booklets, Fast Phonics 180-page book and the Zoom-Type and Quick Piano courses (each with a CD) plus the 60-minute Character Traits songs CD (along with hundreds of pages on the Character Traits text/pictures CD) at our regular low prices, the total cost would be $454—but we will sell it all to you—around 100 items—for a $100+ discount off of the already low item prices. All of the other CDs (including Renee’s Homeshool How-To’s audio compilations), her workshop/how-to DVD’s, the Hebrew Zoom-Type and Alef-Bet courses are additional. Please email us if you have any questions. Package weight: 15+ pounds.

Bonus: if you order this Deal, we’ll throw in your choice of an audio CD, such as Renee’s talk on Home Management Strategies or your choice of one of the three Ethel Barrett Bible stories CDs, for free!). Just ask for it when you place your order.

These courses and articles can help to transport you from inability to ability in many skill areas…
+ planning the optimum curriculum for your home education, from preschool through the elementary years
+ typing, and playing the piano
+ developing good character in young children
+ serving meals, and decorating your home
+ giving speeches
+ rewarding good behavior
+ studying
+ writing a play
+ managing your time
+ preparing for emergencies
+ preserving your family papers
+ learning the Westminster catechism
+ detailing cars
+ celebrating special holy days
+ and more
ALL of these how-to’s…answered!

“Your how-to books are SO helpful to me, they are like brain candy!” (Mrs. LaDue in Arizona)

After you place this order, please email us your personal choices for the following:
1. Which version you want the Character Traits coloring book memory verses to have: NIV or KJV.
2. Whether you would like the Children’s Grip of Bible Doctrine in a printed booklet or as a reproducible PDF file (plus a number of freebie pdf files related to it) on a CD.
3. Which one of our audio CDs you would like us to include (doing a keyword search of our website for audio CD will pull up those descriptions).
4. Whether you’d like us to email you the forms you can modify to use for the Drive n’ Shine businesss, to go along with the manual.
5. We plan to refund you $22.50, which is half of the cost of the Charles Dickens audio CDs, if you ordered those at the same time as the Deal. Unless you would like us to include some additional item(s) totalling roughly that amount—i.e., any of our digital media, for example the Spell-Along audio CD and the Ethel Barrett stories audio CDs and any one of Renee’s talks and seminars—so just let us know your preference on that, as well.

Price: $350.00

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