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Sure Financial Steps for Beginners

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Sure Financial Steps for Beginners

Put money in your pocket. Tips for mending the holes and filling your wallet, for the fastest route to getting out of debt – even house mortgage debt. Powerful and do-able strategies to start gaining money instead of losing it. You’ll be so glad you read it! For high school through adult. 38 pages. Read the table of contents.

There are many fine books on finances. Why we’ve chosen to write yet more on the subject is that we’ve attempted to help you with the emotions of managing money. We focus on the rewards for yourself, the gumption it takes to get there, and how to manage your thoughts in the process. We begin with a bit of inspiration by offering you a collection of quotes from some sterling historical figures who knew how to manage money. The next section is written to a young adult who has all of his financial life ahead of him. We’ve attempted to steer those first critical strategies in the right direction in order to make huge differences later on for this early starter. The sequel section is written to the middle-ager. It is a summary of the four strategies to move you out of debt to the place where you actually have money in your pocket. Then each section that follows is an expansion of that first summary.

It is our hope that these principles laid out with this sort of emotional pungency will be the boot you need to get you across the line from financial chaos to solvency. That they will, in fact, move you from having a hole in your pocket to having a full wallet.

Save on shipping: this item is also available in PDF file format, for you to print out at your own computer as an E-Book. Or, if you have a Kindle e-reader, order the format that is available for your Kindle, as Sure Financial Steps for Beginners.

Price: $5.50

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