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How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout (Kindle version)

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How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout (Kindle version)

Are you bogged down? Does the daily grind now supersede your once high-held vision of educating your own children? You’re not alone. Many homeschooling mothers have come to the same discouraged place. In this Kindle eBook we teach you how to avoid burnout in the first place, and how to identify the warning signs if you are already close to entering that stage. And if you are one of those who have already gone over the cliff, this booklet will teach you strategies for how to pull yourself up and out again into blue sky with your homeschooling. No matter what your current emotional condition, you’ll be glad for these refreshing insights for now and in the future. Your children will be glad, too!

File size: 230KB. Approximately 43 pages in printed version. Once you have purchased this and downloaded the file to your computer, email it to your dedicated Kindle email address. If you don’t know what that is, go into your Kindle managing account on to ascertain your Kindle email address.

This is also available to you as a regular PDF eBook, and also as a printed booklet that we mail to you.

A reader’s comment about this Kindle book:
Mrs. Webb of New Jersey called this “an in-depth look at very real burnout.” She wrote, “Being a parent is hard. Being a teacher is hard. Being both to your own kids is harder. (As a certified teacher, who used to teach at the high school level, while have two littles at home, I can speak to this issue). When a woman is working at following Christ, being a wife, being a mom, being a housekeeper, and being a homeschool teacher, life can get really overwhelming and exhausting. In my 6 years of homeschooling, I have hit some really fried times. Crispy. Toast. Burnt.

So, I was delighted to read some information addressing this very real problem. I found this book very useful and interesting to read. To me, this book seemed to have lots of ways to identify the many avenues that lead to burnout. For example, Ellison addresses our anchor, our self talk, our balance of commitments, the academic side of it, etc. There is a lot of information here, and there are many suggestions contained therein to help you alleviate burnout by identifying and dealing with the causes to which you might be falling prey.

This information was arranged in a clear, concise, useful format and in the end, it really did cause me to look carefully at my own life and choices. Thanks again to Renee Ellison, I’m finding myself sweeping cobwebs out of my soul!”

Price: $2.99

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