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Home Staging (Kindle version)

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Home Staging (Kindle version)

Put the wow factor into your home by staging it. Give your home the best appearance possible. With very little money, simply by applying elbow grease, and some focused planning and time, you can optimize your living space to make a far better first impression than it now makes, both outside and inside.

Home staging is the process of visually upgrading your home, either to positively influence a potential buyer or to add maximum visual luster to your home just for yourself, your neighbors, and your guests. The curb appeal of the outside of your home and the “first-glance” appeal inside your home can be greatly upgraded with just a little know-how of WHERE to put your time, and WHAT to improve to make the biggest visual impressions.

There are places to put your time and money and places NOT to put your time and money in this project. The principles contained in this easy booklet will show you the difference, immediately. A home, so exquisitely showcased, says something about the owners inside the home, too. It puts your best foot forward. Get this short simple to-the-point tutorial and you will be hours and money ahead of the game. Includes color illustrations of examples, good and bad.

Kindle file size: 380KB. Approximately 12 pages (letter-size). Published July, 2013. Once you have purchased it and downloaded the file to your computer, email it to your dedicated Kindle email address. If you don’t know what that is, go into your Kindle managing account on to ascertain your Kindle email address. Read the table of contents.

Don’t have a Kindle reader? No problem—order this in the regular PDF ebook format. Or, order this item in print and have us ship it to your mailbox.

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