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Hebrew Alef-Bet for Simpletons (cartoons)

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Hebrew Alef-Bet for Simpletons (cartoons)

Your Hebrew alef-bet learning “woes” are over! That feeling of “I’ll never be smart enough to understand those letters” is over. That gulping sensation over even starting to learn the Hebrew aleph-bet is now over. Here is the fast, easy, simple track to success that you’ve been looking for, but thought would never come!

Learn the Hebrew Alef-bet with fast and easy cartoons. These simple cartoons and short pithy fun phrases beneath the pictures give you almost immediate recall. Study these and you’ll quickly amaze yourself. After just a few times reading through them, you cover up the cartoon in the right column and can now read the letter in the left. Printed in color on card stock (or order the downloadable e-book). Learn with a friend or relative and get two packets for $9 (we’ll reduce your charge after you’ve placed your order). Or, save and order these as an e-book.

Price: $5.50

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