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Wise Womanly Ways to Grow Your Marriage (Kindle version)

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Wise Womanly Ways to Grow Your Marriage (Kindle version)

Marriage is the triumph of the right kind of thinking, not of having a perfect spouse. Grab this treasure trove of happy new insights and get ready to bloom. Nestle in for some “aha” moments. Experience the difference in your marriage by nightfall.

If you’re a wife who wants a way to improve your marriage (even without changing your circumstances), this book is for you: Wise Womanly Ways. Just by changing your mental fertilizer, your marriage can become something far more exciting than what you now experience. Dig your roots down deep in some different thinking and you can be flowering in new directions in no time. Snuggled up next to your man, just as he is, like two dormant bulbs in the mystery of marriage, you’ll split a crust of earth, changing landscapes together.

Click here to read the preface.

This book is an infusion of uplifting, sometimes mind-boggling thoughts to help you, as a wife, improve your marriage through your efforts alone. It is written by an older woman in her 60’s to younger women, based on the timeless marriage principles found in Titus 2. Click here to read the table of contents. Listen to Kevin Swanson’s interview of Renee on Generations Radio.

This is the Kindle version—formatted for reading on your Kindle. File size: 370KB. Approximately 158 pages. Once you have purchased it and downloaded the file to your computer, email it to your dedicated Kindle email address. If you don’t know what that is, go into your Kindle managing account on to ascertain your Kindle email address.

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Customer comments:Mrs. Webb of New Jersey wrote: “Why would a woman with a great marriage want to read another book on marriage? Because even a great marriage can get better, and this book is helping that to happen! The beauty of this book is that I can read it, and I can improve my marriage. I don’t have to make my husband read it, understand it, or convince him to attend expensive counseling. Here is something I can do, on my own, to continually improve the dynamic between my husband and me.

This book is filled with Godly wisdom to “chew on,” and, thankfully, many practical solutions to tough relational situations, as well. I will definitely give this to my daughter to read when she gets married, so her marriage can start out beautifully.

Renee Ellison’s book is for you - whether newly married or celebrating a golden anniversary. It’s for the marriages that are happy, and the ones that are rocky. It’s for all the marriages in between. Buy this book and be blessed in your marriage! You won’t regret it!”

Price: $7.50

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