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Fast Phonics (course/bound volume)

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Fast Phonics (course/bound volume)

Do you know of anyone—mom or grandmom—who needs to teach phonics to a child or grandchild but dreads the amount of time and WORK they know it will take? Forward this simple EASY help to them.

Are you overwhelmed teaching phonics? Do you feel like it takes a genius to even understand phonics, let alone teach it to your child? Now you can be a normal person, but teach phonics like a pro. Teach phonics faster!

With bull’s-eye focus, Fast Phonics cuts through endless time-consuming tedium and confusion. Simple steps deliver “right-now results” initially via witty cartoons, slick tracing fun (with no pencils), and silly 3-letter word sentences—and later, much more.

Waltz your child through this funny and radically different new method and he or she won’t be able NOT to read! He or she WILL read! If there IS an easier way to tackle phonics, why not grab it, NOW?! Give your child the keys to accurately and confidently unlock reading success from the get-go.

Read 6 reasons why Fast Phonics is more effective, more fun and more rapidly acquired than traditional phonics methods.


Fast Phonics includes every teaching aid imaginable, to get the child on the “reading bus” as securely, easily and fast as possible. The book includes:

    + cartoon charts [i.e., the letter pictures], plus a short catchy phrase/story and reinforcing hand motions for every letter in the alphabet

    + tracing charts

    + testing charts

    + 2-letter word drills

    + 3-letter-word slide-a-vowel activity (developing fluency and flexibility)

    + silly sentences (3-letter-word short vowel sentences)

    + funny stories

    + long vowel exercises (converting short vowel words into long vowel words with pencil markings)

    + matching-game blends

    + irregular word right-brain memory hooks for reading diphthongs and other vowel combinations that break the rules

Everything in this book is designed to remove any possibility of any confusion. If you’re a left-brainer detail person, here’s the table of contents.

Teachers and tutors who purchase this title have the right to make copies of selected workbook pages for use by students in their domain (but not for sale or profit).

Note: the letter pictures in this big book are 1/4 page. For larger pictures that fill the letter-size page, order the Fast Phonics Letter Cartoons book, which is a supplement and/or precursor to this book for younger children.


“This method for learning to read CLICKS and STICKS!” (Mrs. M., New Mexico, mother of 5)

“My grandson did the cartoon letters in the car as I drove him to private school. When we arrived there, he wanted to CONTINUE practicing his phonics cartoons RATHER than do centers/stations! He’s hooked!” (Mrs. F., Colorado, grandmother of 9)

“With our first attempt at reading with another phonics program we had come to a screeching halt. My daughter hated “learning to read.” However, with this new approach her interest not only revived, she actually sat up and took ownership. She is now six and is teaching the cartoon letters to her four-year-old brother!” (Mrs. H., New Mexico, mother of 4)

“I told my daughter we would start reading lessons when she was five, but with this method she was able to start six months sooner, at age four 1/2. And now she’s off and running! It is AMAZING!” (Mrs. C., North Carolina, mother of 3)

“Because of the imagery connected with each letter, we were able to introduce phonics to our four-year old AND our two-year-old at the same time! It makes learning to read so much fun.” (Mrs. A., Tennessee, mother of 3)

“Tis like brain candy!” (Mrs. L., mother of 5, AZ)

“Fast Phonics is an extremely well thought-out program. It is a quick approach to learning to read for virtually any student of any age who is needing to get the job done right now.” (Mae Oles, Principal, Discovery School, Farmington, New Mexico)

Price: $29.95

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