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Black Needak® Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder and Stabilizing Bar

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Black Needak® Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder and Stabilizing Bar

Enjoy the many health benefits of rebounding exercise by purchasing your own Needak® soft-bounce folding rebounder at a discount, plus free accessories and the stabilizing bar (especially for use by young children and persons who are older and/or infirm who need a bit more support). Needak has produced rebounder / mini-trampolines since 1990 and is the recognized leader in top-quality rebounders. Needak also provides a great deal of information on the benefits of rebounding on their web site as well as the largest selection of books and videos on rebounding anywhere. Go to the Needak Rebounders manufacturer’s website at to see the Needak® Soft-Bounce™ rebounder for yourself. Then return to this page to save more than $60 on your purchase of the best rebounder and stabilizing bar.

Includes two free DVDs (Immune System featuring Al Carter and Bounce Before You Jump), “Total Health” 8-page Townsend Letter by Dr. Morton Walker, and a lube pack for the springs/joints—a retail value of $48.39. Beautiful option, at no extra charge: order this same rebounder and bar in beautiful cobalt blue.

This folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder is Needak’s most popular model. It has 36 soft-bounce springs on a folding 40” diameter frame for portability and ease of storage. The rebounder weighs approximately 25 pounds and ships as 31 pounds, shipped in a box 40x20x3”. The stabilizing bar adjusts to 3 different levels: 29”, 34” and 41” (see note below regarding the purpose of the stabilizing bar). The stabilizing bar itself weighs approximately 10 pounds and is shipped in 4 pieces in a separate box measuring 15x35x2”. Shipping is via UPS straight from the manufacturer in Nebraska; shipping is $40, and is included in the price shown on this page. No returns on this item. The rebounder warranty is for user weight up to and including 300 pounds. Needak makes the only rebounder that is made in the U.S.A. Read more about Needak rebounders and the benefits of rebounding exercise.

Special online offer: Order any Needak® rebounder from us today online from this site and we will give you a $35 coupon toward any purchase of downloadable items from Just email us after placing your order, and we will email you the online coupon code.

When you order this, please include your delivery contact phone number for the benefit of the UPS truck driver. If we have your email address we will send you the UPS tracking information. Needak generally ships within a day of our receiving your order, and UPS generally delivers 3 or 4 days later.

Purpose of Stabilizing Bar: The stabilizing bar is offered as an optional accessory to aid persons with balance concerns or those recovering from injuries. It allows the user to control their position on the jump surface. It is purposely designed to move and flex with the user to prevent injury as they bounce. It is not a rigid or immovable bar. Not everyone needs a stabilizing bar. If you (i.e., the intended user) do not have balance issues, you probably do not need the bar; just order the rebounder, and save yourself $79. In other instances (due to the nature of a user’s infirmity or injury) one stabilizing bar is not enough and you actually need two!

Improper use of a stabilizing bar can damage the frame and leg tubes of the rebounder. When properly used, pressure on the stabilizing bar is directed downward to the floor. Pulling the bar toward the user or pressing it away from the user puts direct stress on the leg tube. Even when set at the lowest setting, the leverage generated can break the platform pin from the frame and deform or split the leg tube. Needak (the manufacturer) places a warning label on every stabilizing bar cautioning about this and giving notice that it will void the warranty based on evidence of misuse. Most instances Needak has observed of damages to rebounders have been caused by children. Children generally have good balance and do not need a bar. We do not recommend leaving the bar on the rebounder when children are using it. Children have a natural joy when bouncing and inevitably wind up swinging from the bar. Even a small child swinging from the bar will generate the torque necessary to break a steel platform pin.

Your total cost for this package is $402.25 ($290 for the rebounder, $72.25 for the stabilizing bar, and the $40 UPS shipping charge for both of them shipped together)

Note: this website is owned and operated by an Authorized Retailer of Needak® rebounders. Needak® Manufacturing shares no ownership interest in this website and has no responsibility or control over content, opinions, or healthcare advice presented or any financial or personal data collected through this website. Needak® is a registered Trademark of Needak® Manufacturing, LLC O’Neill, NE USA.

Price: $402.25

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