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Teachers’ Secrets and Motherhood Savvy for Homeschoolers (Kindle version)

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Teachers’ Secrets and Motherhood Savvy for Homeschoolers (Kindle version)

Most moms never had a course in college about how to teach or how to be a great mom or how to homeschool. Motherhood and homeschooling come with a steep learning curve. Tips help! Grab these ideas and you’ll exchange domestic floundering for longed-for capability.

This book is a lifeline for busy moms. It contains scores of terrific ideas that will improve everything you do in the home. Most women get trained for all jobs they undertake in life, except for motherhood and managing a home. In these two endeavors, pinch-hitting rules the day. Get this book and it will put a major dent in that deficiency.

Knock the stomach right out of your incapabilities. Understanding WHAT to do, and how to do it, is 99% of the task. You can’t afford not to get this book. Stay sane. Buy the book.


Part 1:

The Power of a Focused Mother

You can pick out the children of a focused mother across a crowded room. It shows. In this section you’ll learn how to become one of those focused moms, with outstanding results.

Part 2:

How to Train Your Children, Not Just Discipline Them

You must have your children’s attention and be able to command their wills before you can ever teach them anything. Here you’ll learn how to achieve that firmly and swiftly, to the relief of both parent and child.

Part 3:

12+ Ways to Trigger the Brain

with any sub­ject matter! Learn how to wield more than a dozen well-aimed brain tools at a moment’s notice, to produce academically sharp children.

Part 4:

Top-Notch Home Management Strategies

Scores of techniques to make getting through your school day and home-life easier, more productive, and happier. Tips to vault you over glitches, snags, disorder and head knockers. Tips that every woman wishes her mother and a whole string of great-grandmothers had passed on to her—but most didn’t. You’ll learn how to vaporize that overwhelmed feeling. With these tips you’ll run your home with confidence, because you’ll be capable.

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A reader’s review of this Kindle book:
Mrs. Webb of New Jersey called this book “wonderful! recommended highly! ” She wrote, “I purchased this kindle book and I LOVE it. There was so much in here to inspire and to put to good use. The thoughts on motherhood alone are excellent and timely. Yet, she also really helps the reader to see the practical applications of firm boundaries coupled with enthusiastic, totally-present delighting-in your children. She asks you to think on this question: “Would you want YOU for a mother?” Ugh. Tough stuff to face. If you’ve asked that question, and you can’t answer a resounding “YES!” - then this book is for you. I finished this book with a clear view of what I was not doing, and yet I didn’t feel defeated, accused, or crushed. So I know it was a gift from God to find this book - it was conviction, not accusation. I feel challenged, but but better equipped for the Kingdom-building task of motherhood.”

Price: $9.95

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