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Alphabet & Numbers Foam Puzzles (Set of 3) Alphabet & Numbers Foam Puzzles (Set of 3): Set of 3 foam puzzles for children learning letters and numbers. This is a useful accessory to our. . . more >>

Meditations on Doré’s Biblical Artwork Masterpieces (e-book) Meditations on Doré’s Biblical Artwork Masterpieces (e-book): Mom, here is a pair of books to fuel your own devotions. Buy the book of 219 pictures. . . more >>

Ethel Barrett CD #3 of Stories for Children: Blister, and Other Stories of Trust and Obedience Ethel Barrett CD #3 of Stories for Children: Blister, and Other Stories of Trust and Obedience: Memorable stories to train young children to trust and obey. Treat your family to an unusual listening. . . more >>

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Typing Read about our revolutionary typing tutor course materials.    View Products >>


Piano Teach yourself and your young ones how to play piano, with chords, overnight! No prior knowledge is necessary; all you need to know is where your keyboard is!    View Products >>

Academic How-To’s

Academic How-To’s If you are searching for ways to make your teaching easier and faster, you'll find it here! Maximize your children’s learning and minimize your sweat factor in the process. Whatever type of curriculum you use, these materials are a useful supplement.    View Products >>

Home Management

Home Management These products help you improve your homemaking skills.    View Products >>


Femininity A woman's thoughts and suggestions related to the development of a godly feminine identity.    View Products >>


Holidays Practical ideas about observing holidays, holy-days, and re-creation. Flee from corrupted ones, into blessed ones, while you have a chance! Move from materialism into the Father’s rest.    View Products >>

Child Training/Character

Child Training/Character Practical, loving, nurturing child training strategies that work.    View Products >>

Ethel Barrett

Ethel Barrett Known as “The Story Lady,” Ethel Barrett was one of the most inspirational, popular, and talented Christian personalities in America of the mid-twentieth century. Read about our two audio CDs of her stories.    View Products >>

Elementary Ages

Elementary Ages Help for families with young children.    View Products >>

Teens and Beyond

Teens and Beyond Practical ideas for teenagers who are terrific, not terrible.    View Products >>


Spiritual Emotional and spiritual boosts.    View Products >>

Music, Drama, Art

Music, Drama, Art Products related to music, drama, and the arts.    View Products >>

Audio How-To’s

Audio How-To’s Most of Renee's homeschool how-to's are on audio CD and/or DVD, for your enjoyment.    View Products >>

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and Health Look here for some thoughtful, practical helps and ideas for meal preparation and family dining experiences.    View Products >>


Finances There are many fine books on finances. Why we’ve chosen to write yet more on the subject is that we’ve attempted to help you with the EMOTIONS of managing money. We focus on the rewards for yourself, the gumption it takes to get there, and how to manage your thoughts in the process. It is our hope that these principles laid out with this sort of emotional pungency will be the boot you need to get you across the line from financial chaos to solvency.    View Products >>

One-of-Each Deal

One-of-Each Deal Want one of everything? Get the package for a special deal. Save $127 OFF of our regular prices!    View Products >>

Kindle Format

Kindle Format These Kindle-formatted e-books are available for use on your Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Android, home computer, or laptop. You will need to make sure that you have an Amazon Kindle, or the appropriate software downloadable from to read these publications. You do not need a Kindle pad or iPad in order to read Amazon Kindle books. You can download an application for your PC or Mac to read Kindle books on your desktop computer or laptop.    View Products >>

Free E-Books

Free E-Books Free E-Books; our gifts to you to enjoy.    View Products >>


Clearance/Sale Sales, discounted, clearance items, bargains. Shop now, while supplies last!    View Products >>