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These ebooks are for personal non-commercial use only; we retain copyright but give you permission to print these out for your own informational use. To read these PDF files, you will need a fairly currrent version of Adobe Reader (free online download).

400 Most Common Words List A list of the 400 most common words in the English language, formatted in forty word charts so you can test your typing speed. If your speed is slower than you wish it to be, order our Zoom-Type touch typing course so you, too, can be a keyboarding high-flyer!
A Simple Story of Israel ...and why the Jews and their land are soon going to become very important to you. 48 pages, illustrated. You have permission to copy this, post it elsewhere, and use it for non-commercial purposes, so long as you do so in its entirety, without making any changes.
Academic Checklist Subjects and areas to study sometime, some way, somewhere. Helps you not to overlook learning an important life-time skill. Includes a version of the list that mentions (in italics) Homeschool How-To's items that pertain to that topic.
The Biblical Headcovering:
Scarf of Hidden Power
A Biblical, historical and practical examination of a neglected and blessed aspect of Christian practice. Written from a woman's perspective. 60 pages. Available in three editions, depending on what version of the Bible you prefer.
Biblical Tassels:
What they are, who they're for, what they do, and how to make them and wear them. By a man, primarily for men. 14 pages. Thoughts on the commandment in Deuteronomy 22:12: “You shall make yourself tassels on the four corners of your garment with which you cover yourself.”
Chart of the Days of the Week
A seven-page chart of the days of the week in 160 languages throughout world history, with the meanings of the days noted. By Rev. William Mead Jones, D.D. This chart, first published in 1896 but now digitally enhanced by us, is also available for purchase in a larger format, on seven tabloid/ledger size sheets. Original title: "A chart of the week: Showing the unchanged order of the days and the true position of the Sabbath , as shown by the combined testimony of ancient and modern languages." (Note: this is a large file, and will take some time to load.)
Gospel in Colors Booklet The wordless book. A booklet to make, to share the gospel. Kids color, cut and paste the pages together and then use this simple booklet to clearly share the message of salvation. Includes the poem that explains the meaning of the colors of the pages.
Jewish/Biblical Holidays
Made Simple
These special days are packed with meaning, analogy, and renewal. Information in this 28-page E-Book includes what the holidays are, when to celebrate them, and simple suggestions for how to celebrate them.
Just Starting to Homeschoool How to answer the outside (or inner) voices that ask you: What in the world are you doing? Spiritual, social, academic, and personal advantages, all stacked up and listed together to buttress your resolve to home school and to stick with it. 10 pages.
Me? Keep the Sabbath?
This 28-page E-Book describes how the Heavenly Father provided a full day of rejuvenating spiritual rest for man, and how it was lost in history. Scriptural and historical evidence for a much-needed and forgotten gift. Not having grown up observing the Sabbath, this was a revelation to us. Includes a section on Sabbath activities for families with young children.
Melanie Ellison’s Favorite Books for Godly Children A 12-page descriptive list of over 100 titles that Melanie considers “Better than Best!” She has read hundreds of children’s books and evaluated them. These selections convey Biblically sound values and are well written. Most of these are from a past era that lives on in books and in the lives of those who read them. Includes a list of sources for obtaining these books.
Passover Seder:
A brief order of service
3-page Haggadah of the Passover Seder, which you have permission to copy and use for non-commercial purposes. Especially for use by a family.
Sabbath Poem "Anatomy of a Sabbath," by Renee Ellison. This is part of our booklet, Me, Keep the Sabbath?
Sleepovers This is a section in Renee's QuickBook on Training Children Further.
Will Believers Be Raptured Out Before or After the Tribulation? A compelling look at the case for each viewpoint, to better prepare believers for EITHER scenario! Guaranteed to get you thinking
Worship Music for Guitar 
People sometimes ask us for a similar course for how to play guitar.  We refer you to Robert S. Brayton for the wonderful course he developed -- an instructional guitar book for godly guitar players. It includes (after the various steps of the course) 43 pages of hymns, showing the melody line and the accompanying chords, with their letter names. The author, Robert Brayton, authorizes you to download this course (114 pages) and print copies as you need for your personal use. If you use this book and find it a blessing, you can be a blessing to him by sending US$10 per copy, either to his PayPal account at [email protected] or by mailing a personal check or Money Order to Robert Brayton, Cinenosin Film Academy, 28118 Sycamore Ct., Magnolia, TX 77355.

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