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Fast Phonics Letter Cartoons: Fun for preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders Fast Phonics Letter Cartoons: Fun for preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders: Now a young child can learn letter sounds easily, using the Fast Phonics letter cartoons. Why is. . . more >>

Fast Phonics (course/bound volume) Fast Phonics (course/bound volume): Do you know of anyone—mom or grandmom—who needs to teach phonics to a child or. . . more >>

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News from Renee Ellison and Homeschool How-To’s

Friday, 13. November 2015 by Renee Ellison


New YouTube Channel
Now you can subscribe to Renee’s Homeschool How Tos YouTube channel for videos that are a quick boost on parenting, marriage, homeschooling, and home management.

Now also available on iTunes! Podcasts by Renee
For nearly two years, Renee and Todd have been producing a weekly show that broadcasts on Lamb Radio at 11 AM Sunday, Central Time. There are now 129 archived Homeschool How-To’s podcasts (more than 75 hours of teaching and inspiration) available for you to hear at any time, either on the Podcasts section of our website or on iTunes. Or, order all of the audio on a convenient, portable, reusable 8 GB thumb drive for just $19.95.

Are you teaching your homeschooling basics as EASILY as possible…or taking the hard route?
Razor Sharp Teaching Tips for Homeschool Moms is a new book this year. You don’t need a degree in education to educate your child at home. All you need are some razor sharp teaching tips and some organizational strategies. The second half of the book is pictures, to reinforce the concepts taught in the first portion of the book. It’s available as a printed book, as an e-book, and as a Kindle-formatted book. This book and Teachers’ Secrets and Motherhood Savvy are the two most important books to give a homeschooler a boost.

If you have young children, these three titles will give you a quick primer for conquering the basic mastery of reading, writing, and arithmetic:
Teach Phonics Faster
Teach Grammar Faster
Teach Math Faster

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