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Don’t answer questions at your front door

Wednesday, 07. August 2013 by Renee Ellison

Beware of a young foreign man or woman who knocks at your door during the day, some weekday, soliciting and attempting to gather information about your family. This is for real; numerous accounts of this activity around the nation. These individuals are working as a team, selectively going to homes that have children in them, and persistently asking personal questions about ages, where schooled?, how many? etc. under the guise of selling educational books.

They will make mention of their foreign accents, and, if pressed, will name a country in Europe (Scotland, Latvia, Russia…) as their home and will claim that they are international college students. What matters most to them is their notebook in which they record any information people give them, not their book sales. Be aware, and alert families in your area. You have no obligation to say anything to such an intruder on your private property, other than to order them to leave immediately.

It has been noted in several states that when you are not interested, they turn mean-spirited. We don’t know what the source of this activity is, but these activities are suspiciously concurrent with aggressive U.N. legislation on the rights of the child. Beware.

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  1. This is a VERY PRESENT DANGER NOW! It has increased and there have been warnings repeatedly in many of the aware internet sites.  The people are very organized, are taking house to house info, asking people about their neighbors’ children, info on other things… something is threatening to fall unexpectedly upon our beautiful families, and we all need to stand as watchmen, always conversing with Abba through the Spirit, and being obedient to His Voice.

    I came, looking for Ethel Barrett to introduce to my grandchildren.  Any help appreciated!

  2. 2 Renee Ellison 26. Jun 2015 02:50 PM

    The 12 stories of Ethel Barrett that we offer on our audio CD are available from here: http://homeschoolhowtos.com/store/detail/ethel_barrett_tells_bible_stories_audio_cd

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