Ethel Barrett CD #2 of Stories for Children: Stop in your tracks! Bible stories

Memorably told stories to build the faith of young children.

Enjoy listening to the telling of these Bible stories–resur­rected in digital form (with occasional audio distortions) from LP recordings made a half century ago.

Known as “The Story Lady,” Ethel Barrett (1913-1998) was one of the most inspi­rational, popular, and talented Christian person­alities in mid-twentieth century North America.  She had an unusual ability to write and dramatize stories based on the Bible.  “With infinite imagination, enthu­siasm and versa­tility she wrote and acted every story, created her own sound effects, and carried on dialogs with herself.” (from an original record jacket)

“Ethel started her storytelling career as a Sunday School teacher in Schenectady, New York in the early 1940s.  She was asked to teach the Boys Brigade class, made up of the most unruly boys in the area.  She had so much trouble keeping their attention that she began telling Bible stories using character voices and full dialog to capture their attention.  That Sunday School class became a great success and her local fame and storytelling talent landed her some weekend radio jobs where she would tell Bible stories on local Christian radio stations.” (Source: )

10 stories on one audio CD (71 minutes), available digitally only at

+ Track 1: The story of a girl who went on an errand—and stepped into the tapestry of God’s great plan for a nation (Rebekah) (Genesis 24) (6 minutes)

+ Track 2: When the sun stood still and the Lord fought for Israel (Joshua) (Joshua 9 and 10) (12.75 minutes)

+ Track 3: The prophet who panicked: The story of a prophet who got scared to death when there was no reason (Elijah after Mount Carmel) (1 Kings 19) (5.25 minutes)

+ Track 4: Writing on the wall: A king who could have been great—but he left God out of his life (the last hours of Belshazzar, king of Babylon) (Daniel 5) (6 minutes)

+ Track 5: Light up the skies! The night the Messiah was born (Luke 2) (6.75 minutes)

+ Track 6: Trouble in a storm: A storm so fierce, it was impossible to sail through it—but there were some who did! (Christ and His disciples on the Sea of Galilee) (Matthew 14) (5.75 minutes)

+ Track 7: Stop in your tracks! The thankful leper (Luke 17) (8 minutes)

+ Track 8: The man nobody likedexcept—! Zacchaeus (Luke 19) (7 minutes)

+ Track 9: Suddenly the earth began to tremble: The death and resurrection of the Savior (Luke 24) (6.25 minutes)

+ Track 10: The story without an end: The early church and its secret weapon (Acts 2 and 4) (7.25 minutes)