Homeschool How-To: Audio of DOMESTIC tips PLUS by Renee in MP3 format

Renee Ellison’s recording of her domestic tips for homeschoolers. More than 13 hours of digital audio, stored compactly in MP3 format on 2 audio CDs. Includes, as a bonus, the audio portion of our Quick Piano course, numerous simple songs for godly children, and more.

Domestic tips, plus: on two MP3 CDs (=contents of regular CDs 13-26, and then some)

General Extended Family Issues/ Relating
CD 13 topics: How to make sense of a miscarriage
How to relate with love to a controlling person
How to forgive continuously
How to overcome addiction to one’s own adrenaline
How to overcome a besetting sin

Domestic Skills
CD 14 topic: How to develop top-notch home management strategies
CD 15 topics: Goal setting and time management for busy moms
The quickest route to financial freedom for a young person

CD 16 topic: How to gain control of your finances

CD 17 topics: How to create/decorate a house to make it a home
How to prepare for holidays with finesse and without fatigue
How and why we got off the Christmas bandwagon

CDs 18-19 topics: What? I have to fix dinner again?
How to create/set the stage and the drama for the ideal dinner
Kitchen efficiency – feeling confident in the kitchen

CD 20 topics: Turbo-charged nutrition for peak performance kids
How to make fantastic green smoothies for your family

CD 21 topic: How to get inspired about eliminating your house mortgage

CD 22 topic: How to prepare for a possible emergency

CD 23 topic: Woman: A stumbling identity (part 1)

CD 24 topics: Woman: A stumbling identity (part 2)
How Sarah kept her beauty into old age

CD 25 topics: How to resolve marital conflicts happily
How and why to convert your wardrobe to more feminine dress
Inspiring family bedtime stories

CD 26 topics: Bach: Man of God
Rembrandt: Held by God

Bonus contents of this 2-CD MP3s domestic tips set:

  • 60 children’s songs
  • Quick Piano instructions (accompaniment to the printed course) and songs
  • Thoughts on the Biblical woman’s headcovering