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How long should my skirt be? and what about jewelry?

Wednesday, 07. May 2008 by Renee Ellison

About skirt length—your husband KNOWS; ask him. I wear mine about six inches off the ground. If you keep the fabric of your skirts plain and classically understated (you only need about two basic skirts) and wear lovely BLOUSES, (for the variety), all the attention will be drawn to your face, where your eyes express the love of the Lord. Attention drawn to flamboyant shoes, flouncy patterned skirts, and chunky legs and calfs all militate against KEEPING the stranger’s eye on your face and not on your lower half.

The longer the skirt, the less you have to worry about hose, etc. You can wear comfortable knee socks, or sandles…and warm leggins’ when it is cold. Longer skirts and dresses make your life far more simple. I’d dress this way for selfish reasons even if modesty wasn’t a reason. Ditto on the jewelry. It really gets down to “Am I grooming myself to be an ornament, or as the Lord’s servant with rolled up sleeves?!” (For further reading on these topics, see Feminine Dress.)

Filed Under: Home management tips