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Bible reading habits for children

Thursday, 24. April 2008 by Renee Ellison


Have your children use their Bible like a workbook (i.e., read it with a pencil in hand). Underline just one thing that stands out to them that day and then write it in a spiral bound devotions book. That way they take something away from each reading. They don’t even have to write the verse verbatim. Just what it made them think about or want to improve in their life. At the end of the year their Bibles should be full of underlinings, thus making them truly their own, so that they can flip to things quickly, etc. Teach them that a weathered, well-used Bible is worth jewels—their highest treasure in their house—the more weathered and dog-eared the better. And hold out the carrot of inspiration that when they have read the Bible through once, they are now in the top rare few of people in the entire world and in all of history who have ever read the Bible completely through. Make it seem like it is a fabulous, rare accomplishment. Motherhood is all about inspiring them.

Thoughts on Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread

Monday, 21. April 2008 by Renee Ellison


Passover is the only one of the special Biblical holy events that happens in the evening and at NIGHT. Some who observe it stay up ALL night on that night each year.

The participants in the original Passover would have had many, many hours to get their emotions ready to leave Egypt and think through all of the implications…knowing they were exiting “Babylon” for the rest of their lives, and to do last-minute packing. They were trapped in their houses, by divine edict. from sunset on. It would have had the eerie, terrifying feeling of parents telling their children don’t go outside for anything, stay right here in the house, lock the doors, bolt the windows, the police are dealing with a serial killer out on the front lawn.

Passover is a picture of the Passover at the end of the ages, where we will all spill out of the ends of the earth and be gathered to Jerusalem. Isaiah 60:8 (all future): “Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves to their nests?...bringing your sons from afar…etc” Whether this trip is made in airplanes and ships or just like birds supernaturally transported, we do not know.

Several cups of wine/grape juice are partaken of during the meal. One of them, however, is poured but not consumed. This is the cup the Messiah will drink with us in the Millennium. This detail is further indication that Passover is an EVERLASTING ordinance that has a future completion, and that it was never done away with (Leviticus 23). Passover is the only communion each year that we are required to partake of…all other communions are additional.

Yeshua the Messiah separated the revelation about the bread and the wine by some time within the meal, revealing what they symbolized AS they naturally came to partake of them in the service. (By the way, when He broke bread with two of His disciples AFTER his resurrection, it was again when they were naturally going to eat bread. He broke it for them, and when He broke it, they observed the scars in his hands, and it was THEN that their eyes were opened.) Fascinating how He anoints the ordinary, and opens the curtain to the supernatural when we least expect it.

That He releases destroying angels, for the wicked, SIMULTANEOUSLY with alternative plans for the righteous. He will be doing both works at once at the end of the ages, as he releases the four horsemen of Revelation 6. Imagine the complexity of the divine mind fashioning different plans for each individual in the entire earth…6 billion of them.

What a work of God that would have made the Egyptians, the following morning, strip off their jewelry and give it to the Jews, saying “Here, take ANYTHING in my house, just GET OUT OF HERE”. No wonder the news spread and the fear of them was on all the towns of people they would meet in the future. “The knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth.”

Here is an easy recipe for unleavened bread to eat for the Feast of Unleavened Bread—to eat all week:
1 cup flour, 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup water. Knead for 8 minutes by hand. Divide into 8 sections of dough. Pat or roll out to six inch circles. Fry in small skillet.

We once heard that In Jerusalem there is a LAW on the books, that bakers and restaurants can’t show any leavened bread products in their display windows/cases during these days. They don’t want even a smidgeon of temptation around! Leaven is the picture of sin and the Lord wants not a crumb left…the notion of spring house cleaning originally came from the Bible!!!

The Heavenly Father’s ways, thoughts, plans, ordinances, laws are unfathomable…what He is REALLY trying to do with us or show us through them all. It will take eternity to explore the depth of them.

Click here to download a handy one-page chart that shows the days of the week during the week of the Lord’s Passion, and in 2016.

For links to download our e-books on The Jewish/Biblical Holidays, The Sabbath, and related topics for free, click here.

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Iodine and magnesium: liquid gold for homeschool families

Thursday, 03. April 2008 by Renee Ellison


I’ve been experiencing some fantastically life-giving properties in two simple substances: iodine and magnesium. Allow me to tell you about these two substances that I think are like “liquid gold.”

Iodine: the thyroid can’t function properly without it, and it is seldom found in our food these days. Iodine wipes out bacterias of all sorts, gives energy, and is vital in correcting environmental pollution that hits the thyroid first. Apparently, 5% solution of iodine is not available for sale in the U.S. anymore, but you can still get 2%. All you need is ONE DROP per day…put in your children’s water, etc. Each of you can begin the use of it immediately and never quit!!!

Magnesium oil: I’ve found that with just one or two drops rubbed into the palm of the hands, life picks up new vitality. It is oily, and feels and smells like sea water. Years ago a physician mentioned to me that in medical school she found she usually could answer every dosage question on her exams with MAGNESIUM and pull an A!!! Apparently, magnesium is needed for every metabolic function, and it (rather than calcium, as is commonly thought) is helpful in combating osteoporosis. My hubby is even finding a drop of two of magnesium oil on his hands mitigates the effects of spring allergies…simply good for whatever. We all have next to none of this mother-load mineral in our systems, currently. You can put it in your water, soak your feet in it, etc.

A source for the magnesium oil that I’ve found helpful in overcoming spring allergies is http://www.globallight.net/ or by phone at 888-236-2108. JCrow.com (phone: 1-603-878-1965) is a source for Lugol’s iodine, and describes what it’s good for. We have no connection with either of these companies; no doubt there are other sources; these are just the ones we’re aware of.

Disclaimer: We are only sharing our personal experience with these two substances; we make no claims with respect to their efficacy for any purpose whatsoever, and we do not sell them.

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Incredible way to use grains

Sunday, 30. March 2008 by Renee Ellison

Wow! Is this cool. Fantastic cereal !!! I’ve already tried it. AMAZING.

Rinse your wheat or spelt WHOLE grains 3 times (use 2 cups of grain for your first trial run).
Set on counter with purified soak water just covering grains.
Rinse at night before bed and first thing in a.m. for just two days.
DRINK the soak water, each time—it is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

At the end of 48 hours a little sprouted tip appears; then
Boil new purified water (several cups),
Fill quart size glass canning jars with grains (about 1/2 cup full of grain per ball jar and pour boiling water up to one inch of lid),
Immediately set jars in your portable cooler, wrap towels around the jars and put the lid on quickly to “cook” all night.
The next morning, grind in your Vita-Mix or blender, and add agave and cinnamon.

This makes absolutely delicious RAW cereal (that tastes like cooked) and gives you phenomenal ENERGY for a long time!!!

Sample schedule:
Monday morning clean and set to soak
Tuesday night wrap in towels
Wednesday morning: EAT

Continue Reading...

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Using chess to share the Lord with children

Thursday, 27. March 2008 by Renee Ellison

The other day, we were speedily vanquished by an expert chess player who was showing us a few moves that resulted in several very short games. Having more time to think afterward than during these friendly bouts, I had time to think about universals in the game of chess. I like to think of the King as God, and that all the other players find it wise to pursue Him with all their efforts. He is the grand prize of life. To find Him is everything. A few months ago I was in a foreign land where we didn’t understand the locals’ language, and vice versa. So, we communicated over a chess board. In stages, I taught a teenage girl how to play the game. First I showed her all the lesser skirmishes first (like doing life activities outside of any over-arching purpose) and only later did I finally pull out the King—showing her the purpose of the entire game. With Him, all of life’s lesser skirmishes fall into their originally designed right relationships and life works; it has meaning and purpose. All our activities then have the joy of doing them under His watchful caring eye and affection. Without Him, the difference in life forever feels like viewing a sunset alone.

Another way to share the Good News, especially with young persons and with someone who doesn’t speak the same language you do, is to use the The Gospel in Colors booklet.

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